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How can I merge my Olx account?

Best Answer:
  1. To create an ad.
  2. Press “Sell.
  3. ” Complete the selling of goods information.
  4. Please enter a phone number that is correct.
  5. Receive and enter the OTP One-time passcode.
  6. “You’ve reached this Phone number because it’s already in use by someone else.
  7. ” At the conclusion of this procedure, you will be

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How do I Unmerge My OLX account?
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Log in to the email address account. Select Account > View and edit profile > Edit Profile from the drop-down menu. Update the phone number of another account in the email address account. Verify that you entered your OTP correctly. The system will ask if you want to Use Another Phone or Merge Accounts. Merge Accounts should be selected, followed by

How can I remove my phone number from OLX?
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Ensure that the number you wish to change is not already connected to an OLX account. Please use the OTP that will be provided to you by phone when you call us. You may then modify your “Phone Number” under “Contact Information.”

How do I log into my OLX account?

Users will be required to enter a valid Facebook login and password for Facebook. nYou will receive an activation email on your Email address if you choose the option of Phone.

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What is OLX account?

The marketplace on OLX is a place to buy and sell services and items such as electronics, fashion goods, furniture, household items, automobiles, and bicycles. The site reportedly had 11 billion page views, 200 million monthly active users, 25 million listings, and 8.5 million transactions per month in 2014.