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How can I delete a playlist from SoundCloud?

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  1. To delete a playlist on the Android app, tap the settings menu underneath the list of playlists. From there you can select ‘Delete playlist’.

How to delete Songs from Playlist on Soundcloud

How to delete Songs from Playlist on SoundcloudIf Soundcloud is a music service I use to listen to my favorite songs, then SoundCloud Playlist will work like an iPod playlist where you can save your SoundCloud favorite songs. To create SoundCloud playlist and add songs into SoundCloud playlist is very simple using SoundCloud app on PC or creating playlist directly from the web browser of Soundcloud. But there are some cases that you want to delete Soundcloud songs from the list of SoundCloud playlist.

Soundcloud has given us great way for sharing music with friends over social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. You can also share cool tracks from SoundClound by posting it in your blogs or websites. By this method, lots of people will be able to enjoy your posted track over internet. Soundcloud is the most popular and best music sharing system available in internet where you can freely share your favorite SoundCloud tracks on the social networks. You can also save SoundCloud track to DJ software such as FinalScratch or Traktor Pro with Soundcloud Downloader tool. Saving SoundCloud track to other software and devices will help us to listen SoundCloud song outside of SoundCloud Player without using any proxy websites or apps.

How to delete Songs from Playlist on SoundcloudTo find out how to delete songs from playlist on Soundcloud, we should first know what a soundCloud playlist is? In SoundCloud, playlist works just like an iPod playlist that allows user to group tracks into their own playlists . The difference between iTunes playlist and SoundCloud playlist is SoundCloud playlist can automatically shared on SoundCloud social network and you can also share Soundcloud Playlist on other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

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Can you delete a playlist?

Deleting a YouTube playlist on your computer or mobile app is easy, but once it’s deleted, it can’t be recovered.

How do you delete a playlist on music?

Open the Music app and tap “Playlists.” 2. Tap and hold on the playlist to be deleted, then do one of the following: Delete from library or delete track selection or individual tracks from a playlist.

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Does deleting a playlist delete the songs?

Deleting a playlist will not delete the songs from your library or delete them if they were downloaded to your device. It only remove, which is basically just a set of links, to the individual tracks.

How do I delete songs from my playlist but not my library?

Deleting items from a list is accomplished in one of two ways; either by pressing Delete, or choosing Edit → Delete. When prompted with the warning dialog, click Remove to permanently remove an item from your list. Duplicate files can also be deleted by selecting them and pressing Command + Option + Delete (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+Backspace (Windows).

How do I delete a playlist on my iPhone?
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Select the Library tab at the bottom of your screen, and tap Playlists at the top. Tap the playlist you want to delete. To edit or delete a playlist, tap the three dots in between Playlist name
To find this help article again, click here: https://help.spotify.com/customer/en_US/articles

How do I delete songs from my iPhone without deleting from my library?

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone, and tap “General”. Step 2: Under the section for “iPhone Storage” go to “Music.”
Step 3: To remove all the song from your phone you can swipe left on any artist or album. Or you can tap “All Songs” to remove all songs at once.

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