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How can I delete a playlist from SoundCloud?

Best Answer:
  1. To delete a playlist on the Android app.
  2. Tap the three horizontal dots to bring up the menu.
  3. From there you can select ‘Delete playlist’.


How do you delete Playlists?

Access Playlists on the Library tab.
Tap playlist you want to delete under the “Playlists” section.
Select MORE from the options that pop up and then press DELETE.

How do you permanently delete a playlist?

Move to the “Playlists” tab under the left side panel. Choose the playlist I want to delete, if necessary, and click on ellipsis symbol (three dots) at top of page. One menu should appear with the option to “Delete Playlist.” Select it and confirm the deletion. Done!

How do I edit my playlist on SoundCloud?
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Tap on the Tracks tab, and drag and drop the tracks into your desired order. If using a mobile device with Android or iOS, tap on Edit Playlist in the settings menu at the bottom of each playlist to rearrange the tracks.

Does deleting a playlist delete the songs?

Deleting a Playlist will not delete the songs from either your library or remove them from your device. Instead, it deletes only the set of links to those tracks, which is essentially what a playlist is anyway.

How do I permanently delete a playlist from Apple?
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To delete a playlist do the following:
-Open the Music app on your iPhone.
-Tap Library.
-Tap Playlists.
-Select the playlist you want to delete in your list of playlists.
-Tap “More” (pink circle with three little white dots). This opens up options for deleting a whole bunch of things from this screen, including albums, artists, and even songs themselves! Tap “Remove…” (trash can icon) to remove the playlist from iCloud entirely.”

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