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Does Cdbaby distribute music videos?

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  1. Your albums and singles will be immediately uploaded to YouTube.
  2. Music as a CD Baby artist.
  3. Who has been selected?
  4. Downloads and Streaming distribution.
  5. You may now claim your YouTube Official.
  6. Artist Channel from your CD Baby account here.
  7. Do you want this information presented in video form?
  8. Click here.

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How do you distribute music videos?

These are all download shops from which you can obtain music.

What platforms does CD Baby distribute to?
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Upload your music to Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and other services. Your music is available on a variety of popular download and streaming sites across the world. We’ll get your music in more locations than any other music distributor because we have 150+ digital distribution partners (and more being added all the time).

Where can I post a music video?

SoundCloud. Audiomack is a fan-friendly streaming platform that has been around since 2007 and now has over 150 million monthly active users. SoundCloud remains one of the world’s top audio distribution platforms with over 175 million monthly unique visitors. Audiomack is not far behind SoundCloud in terms of popularity, and it’s gaining ground as?

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How do I distribute a music video from YouTube?

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll need to do: Create or join an existing channel in Content Manager. Applying monetization policies is possible for content owners when channels are linked. Labels may post videos on their linked channel, while AdSense can be integrated into publishers’ sites via the channel.

Does TuneCore distribute videos?
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TuneCore has teamed up with YouTube to ensure that your royalties are correctly recorded through the TuneCore YouTube Sound Recording Revenue gathering service. With a one-time setup fee of $10 and just a few minutes of registration time, you’ll be receiving money from films all across YouTube.