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Can I delete my origin account?

Best Answer:
  1. Yes, you can delete your Origin account.
  2. To do so, go to the Origin website and log in.
  3. Once you’re logged in, click on “My Account.
  4. Tab and then select “Delete My Account.
  5. Follow the instructions to delete your account.

How To delete origin account

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So just follow these steps:

1)Log into your origin account

2)Click on settings

3)At the very bottom, you will see a link that says “Delete My Account”  This link is at the bottom of every page, if you dont find it, check the navigation links in the left corner because its under “my account”  Click on it

4)  It will say this  – “Are you sure you want to delete your account?  All of the content that you’ve purchased or that has been gifted to you and any associated information, including but not limited to addresses, contact info, and statistics will be permanently deleted.  Your games will still remain available for play unless they are explicitly flagged as unavailable in a game’s product details page.  No refunds will be granted.”  ITs just warning you so make sure its what u really want!  After clicking ok,it will ask again just double check it says “ok” before proceeding.  At this point it should be deleting  but it just takes a minute

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5)  If you are ready, then say “YES”  and goodbye to origin forever!  I hope this helped and if you ever want to come back and get your account again,  log into the website  and click on ” My Account”  in the top right corner.  

6)  Then  “verify your account  by entering the same email you used  when  you  signed up.  Once that’s done, you will have to fill out your account info  (name, address ect.)  and as long as everything goes through,  your back in business!   


How do I cancel my EA account?

Go to the settings portal for your EA account. Click Connections, then click Unlink under the appropriate connection type. Read and understand all disclaimers; make sure you want to continue before clicking “Unlink”.

Did my origin account get deleted?

If you find that your Origin account has been deleted, please contact EA Support via http://help.ea.com/contact-us so they can verify the authenticity of your account and offer a solution to rectify the situation. They are the experts on this issue.

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Can I merge two EA accounts?

You cannot move your games or personas to another account without help from customer support. If you want us to merge accounts, please contact a representative. We’ll do our best to find the right solution for you.

How do I remove a game from my origin account?

How can I delete a game/origin account?
Delete the game from your games list. >origin > Account > Games > Choose the game you want to delete, then click Delete and Log Out of Game. Note* You need to log in (be online) in order to delete it. Cannot be deleted if logged into multiple accounts at once

Can I transfer my Origin games to another account?

There is no way to transfer games from one account to another. You have a single license for each game, which means it does not move accounts.

How do I link accounts on origin?

So I signed up for two Origin accounts and am trying to figure out how to merge them.
In the upper right corner of the page, choose your game region. If that’s not there, click on US or UK in the list.
Choose a game from under “Select contact option.” Provide EA with more details about what you’re having trouble with and they’ll be able to help you out more specifically.

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What is a EA account?

EA account is an account used to play EA games. It is often used to keep track of game progress and unlock achievements.

Can you change your EA email on FIFA?

Yes, you can change your EA email on FIFA. To do so, open the game and go to the main menu. From there, select “Profile” and then “Edit Profile.” You’ll be able to enter a new email address under the “Contact Info” section.

How do I delete my Origin account on Mac?

To delete your Origin account on a Mac, you’ll need to first open the Origin client. Once the client is open, click on the “Origin” menu in the top left corner of the window, and then select “Account Settings”.
In the “Account Settings” window, click on the “Delete My Account” button at the bottom of the window. A warning will appear asking if you’re sure you want to delete your account.

What is a Origin account?

Origin is an online gaming and digital distribution platform created by Electronic Arts. It offers a library of games for purchase and download, including titles for PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Origin also offers a variety of services, including cloud storage, social features, and game streaming.

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