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Can I delete my fanfiction net account?

Best Answer:
  1. The most common way to remove your account is to anonymize it.
  2. You can do this by logging into a different account and changing your profile avatar.
  3. Deleting all of your stories manually, and then emailing [email protected] for an account removal.

No, you cannot. Trying to delete your account will result in it being suspended for 30 days! This is because fanfiction net constantly scans our accounts looking for ‘inactive’ users which it deletes regularly. If you have a spam/virus on your computer then this may activate your account and cause you problems so we suggest that if you have the time, before deleting us from your browser try logging out of fan fiction as well.

How long does my ban last? How many chapters are affected? How long do I get between each chapter? Should I post my story in parts? Where can I find other authors writing action/adventure stories like the ones on here..etc

Fanfiction.net has a feature that keeps track of your last 10 posts so whatever you’ve posted recently will remain on your profile for people to read while you’re banned. Of course, this is more likely to be important for new authors but established users should not rely on this feature! Also, we have found that some people who are going against these guidelines do not always check their accounts regularly enough and often end up having no idea they have been reported at all, so writing in parts may work better for those who post frequently so that other stories can still remain after the ban.

Fanfiction.net has access to your IP address and will also look at the headers of your e-mails, author notes, and even your bookmarks online (when you go to various sites that feature links back to FFN). So if you are a frequent poster of stories that do not meet their guidelines then you run the risk of being caught!

Posting on multiple accounts is fine as long as they’re password protected but no matter what anyone tells you, you cannot link to somewhere else! Anyone who tells you otherwise is either misinformed or lying. Fanfiction.net has developed a way of locating fan-created stories that do not meet their guidelines, even if they are hidden from view or posted on other accounts and the only way for you to prevent them finding out about your story is by removing it completely before they find it in violation of their rules .

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Some people try to tell you that because the story ‘does no harm’ then there’s no need to worry about it but this isn’t true, the fact is if anyone sees Fanfiction.NET catching someone else out when that person has fansites/is linked up with affiliates /etc then it can only be a matter of time before they’re caught as well! This is why people have been telling you this incorrect advice.

What happens if I do get banned? Can I make a new account? Do the admins contact you to tell you about your ban or are you left in the dark hoping that someone else will point out what’s happened to you?

If Fanfiction.net bans your account, they remove all traces of everything that you had on your profile! So not only will any stories disappear but so will all reviews and such too! It may also mean that unless you think ahead when making an author note there’s no way for anyone to notify those who did read your work – eventhen you’re likely to get caught too as it’s your own fault for not thinking ahead.

If they find out about the story being on-line then, regardless of whether or not you’re still the author, they will either delete it completely from the archives (even if you gave up posting to FANFICTION.NET years ago) or lock it away with a warning message at the top. Some people think that as long as their account is hidden then there isn’t really any risk involved but this is definitely NOT true! Keep in mind that when an admin deletes/locks a story from the archives it doesn’t matterthat it’s only visible to registered users – all fanfiction.net archives are exposed to the general public!For example, if you have a story that is locked because it’s explicit and someone clicks on your name in the author listing they will be able to see thatyour profile says there are other stories by you but when they click on them all they get is an “Access Denied” message or a closed-off screen telling them that the archive has been altered due to rules violations. Of course, with enough bad luck this could actually cause some damage as people may assume (if your account isn’t clearly marked in another obvious way) that you deleted all of your stories which could mean: losing readers; losing reviewers; losing reviews; causing trouble for those who continue posting here etc.

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How do I delete my fanfiction account?

There is no real way to “delete” your Fanfiction account, but getting rid of it will make it virtually impossible to find.

Can you delete fanfiction?

There is no real way to “delete” your Fanfiction account, but getting rid of it will make it virtually impossible to find.

Is fanfiction net dead in 2020?

Some fanfiction.net threads are ghost towns, while others are active, and some can be seen as noisy markets.
Internal text: Is fanfiction.net dead in 2020? – Quora

How do I delete my Reddit fanfiction account?

FFnet accounts are not accessible or delete-able. By renaming the account and removing any content, you can get rid of any connections to that URL/account. For example, if I hadn’t done anything on FFN in over 10 years before posting there again, I could rename my account with a different name and remove all its written work All traces would be gone because there was no activity for so long.

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Can you delete reviews on fanfiction?

Log in to your account and on the review page you’ll see the “Remove Reviews” button. It will show you all of your reviews, if there are any.

How do I find a lost fanfiction?

There are a few ways to find a lost fanfiction. One way is to search for the title or author on a search engine such as Google. Another way is to use a fanfiction site’s search engine. If the fanfiction was published on a website, the website’s URL may be included in the story itself.

How do you find a fanfiction you forgot the name of?

There a few ways you can find a fanfiction you forgot the name of. One way is to search for the plot on Google or another search engine. Another way is to look through your bookmarks or saved files on your computer. If you still can’t find it, you can ask someone else who might have read it.

Why is Wattpad removing stories?

Wattpad is removing stories because they are not following the terms of service. Wattpad is a site for users to share their writing, and they need to make sure that all content is appropriate. If a story is found to be in violation of the terms of service, it will be removed.

Will Wattpad be deleted in 2020?

There is no evidence to suggest that Wattpad will be deleted in 2020. The platform has been growing in popularity and continues to be a valuable resource for writers and readers alike.

How do you deactivate your Wattpad account?

To deactivate your Wattpad account, go to your account settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under “Account Status” you’ll see a button that says “Deactivate Account.” Click on that, enter your password, and click “Deactivate.

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